Beautiful Herefordshire Walks

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“Explore the stunning walking trails of Herefordshire, a county nestled in the heart of the English countryside, which offers a tapestry of picturesque landscapes and charming trails perfect for walks of all kinds. From gentle strolls along tranquil riverbanks to invigorating hikes through rolling hills and ancient woodlands, Herefordshire caters to every nature lover’s desire. Discover the historic market towns dotted along the way, each with its own unique character and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking solitude amidst nature or craving a leisurely amble, Herefordshire’s diverse terrain promises an unforgettable outdoor experience for all. www.visitherefordshire/

Abbey Dore & Gwatkin Red Cow Restaurant

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Walk Length 4.38 miles (2 hours).

A friend and I recently embarked on a walk outside of our usual stomping grounds. With the promise of a delightful lunch at Gwatkin’s Red Cow restaurant, we climbed the steep hill and were rewarded with breath-taking views at the summit across to the Black Mountains. As we descended through lush woodlands, we savoured the scenery and paused for a well-deserved cuppa on a charming bridge overlooking gurgling waters.

Our journey continued along a winding path beside the sparkling River Dore, where we were greeted by adorable new-born lambs. Our adventure culminated at the beautiful Moorhampton Court Farm and The Red Cow restaurant, Alas, we couldn’t indulge in the restaurant’s tempting selection of locally-produced ciders and perrys’ from Gwatkin’s own cider mill, as we were both driving. However, we highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area. The Red Cow at Abbey Dore is simply a must-visit spot, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere and delicious local food that will tantalize your taste buds.

Gwatkin Red Cow Circular Walk

Fownhope Village Walk 1

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Walk Length 5.5miles (2.5 Hours)

Embark on a beautiful walk through the stunning countryside with your friends and furry companion, just as we did with Seb, our beloved dog, towards the end of September. Despite the ever-changing weather, we couldn’t resist the picturesque views of the area. The paths are well-maintained and marked, guiding you through peaceful pastureland and scenic woodlands. Although it’s worth noting that the views would be even more breathtaking once the leaves fall. After a few gradual uphill sections, we rewarded ourselves with a refreshing drink and scrumptious lunch at The Green Man, basking in the warm sunshine.

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Fownhope Village Walk 4

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Walk Length 3 miles (1.5 hours)

I did this walk with a friend at the beginning of the year on a beautiful sunny spring morning, ‘spectacular‘ is such a simple word to describe the breathtaking views. Easy to follow directions and everything well marked. Gradual climbs to the ridges of Monument and Common Hill, passing through two nature reserves then returning back to the village. We took a picnic with us but we could have easily enjoyed a drink and/or lunch in either The New Inn or The Green Man

To download the walk please click on this link Fownhope Village Walk 4

Mordiford Circular Walk

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Breath taking views, peace and tranquility thoughout the woodland.

A 4 mile circular walk: Time: 2-3 hours

This walk is around the northern part of the Wye Valley taking in Backbury Hill, the pretty Pentaloe Brook and the village of Mordiford (the bridge at Mordiford dates back to the 14th century and is one of the oldest bridges in Herefordshire). A beautifully varied route with sections of woodland, pastures, village lanes, meadows and old tracks, you will be rewarded with glorious views throughout. Mordiford is best known for the legend of its dragon which was said to drink from the confluence of the Rivers Lugg and Wye and you will see a dragon symbol on many of the waymarks along the way……..

Mordiford Circular Walk 2

Mordiford Circular Walk








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